Modeling of intravenous caspofungin administration using an intestine-on-chip reveals altered Candida albicans microcolonies and pathogenicity

Tim Kaden, Raquel Alonso-Román, Parastoo Akbarimoghaddam, Alexander S. Mosig, Katja Graf, Martin Raasch, Bianca Hoffmann, Marc T. Figge, Bernhard Hube, Mark S. Gresnigt

This folder contains the data and image analysis codes required to reproduce our findings. More information on how to run the analysis, can be found in Readme.txt!


Data: The raw microbiological and biomolecular data and the preprocessed images using the software Huygens Professional

Codes: The image analysis scripts used for generating the results

Example: Example of image analysis steps

Quantifications: Quantifications derived from the images

Readme.txt: More information on data and codes